Jose L. Piedra

Jose L. Piedra is a particularly noteworthy Habano because it is made from leaf grown exclusively in the Vuelta Arriba tobacco-growing region. All seven of the Jose L. Piedra sizes are made using the traditional  hand made, short filler technique. the flavour falls between medium to full.


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Length  –  Gage
Price Single          
Box Price
Brevas (L) 5 1/4  —  (G) 42 Call for Prices
Cazadores (L) 6  —  (G) 43 Call for Prices
Conservas (L) 5 1/2  —  (G) 44 Call for Prices
Cremas (L) 5 1/4  —  (G) 39 Call for Prices
Nacionales (L) 5 1/4  —  (G) 42 Call for Prices
Minis (L) 3 1/4  —  (G) 20 Call for Prices
Petit Cazadores (L) 4 1/8  —  (G) 43 Call for Prices
Petit Cetros (L) 5  —  (G) 43 Call for Prices